Jakarta – Bandung

Jakarta – Bandung

Jakarta – Bandung

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Finding places in Jakarta, especially smaller buildings not on the main arteries, tends to be difficult due to poor signage and chaotic street names. The same name is used for different streets on different parts of the city, and it’s often difficult to find the correct street/address without the postal code/region. PuncakTo find the address in this metropolitan, try start asking people in the street, they are very FRIENDLY even in the METROPOLITAN. Really different from any other metropolitan in the world!.

Nest to Jakarta is BANDUNG. City of flower, city of fashion called Parisj van Java. Only in Bandung, we can drive to the top of Tangkuban Prahu active crater!. And, only in Bandung you can enoy “Mozard” played in Angklung traditional music performance. From Jakarta to Bandung pass Bogor botanical garden and green coutryside of Puncak Tea plantation.


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berapa jarak yang di tempuuh?

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