Navigate the Surabaya Heritage trail

Navigate the Surabaya Heritage trail

shtMany ways in which the Surabaya City Government to introduce buildings of cultural conservation and historical city, one of them by launching the program and the bus Surabaya Heritage Track (Sht), or Scanning for Cultural Heritage Trace, Tuesday (8 / 6) at House Of Samporna Surabaya. The program is a form of cooperation with the Surabaya City House of Samporna to continue to support Surabaya as a tourist destination. Hundreds of cultural reserves located in North Surabaya and 164 of them designated as Heritage Buildings, the main attraction for tourists who come to Surabaya.

Because the historical value of high architecture, buildings, cultural reserves of well maintained, and the city’s historical background is interesting. And so, that legacy is a large potential to become one of the new tourist destination for tourists Surabaya city of Indonesia and foreign countries.

According to the mayor of Surabaya, Bambang DH need support from various parties for the promotion of cultural conservation in Surabaya. This can provide benefits not only for Surabaya City Government, but still known by our young generation. “It needs a culture of maintenance reserves in other places,” explained Cak Bambang DH.

Sht is the city tour with a bus (city sightseeing bus) in the North Surabaya. By using the bus has such a model train “tram” that once crossed the city of Surabaya tempo first. Tracker (bus passengers) may enjoy and recognize the buildings heritage, historical city of Surabaya is known as City of Heroes, Surabaya Chronicle story, cultural diversity and wealth to get information where other attractions in Surabaya.

“We hope this program will grow Sht concern and love for people, especially owners of buildings to preserve the cultural conservation and care of buildings that have historic value,” said Yos Ginting, Director of Corporate Affairs of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. General Manager, House of Sampoerna Ina Silas added this tour was held because of the many questions and curiosities of the historical society in Surabaya. This interest that we perceive with Sht making a tour around the city, so the heritage and history of the City Sura ya ba still known by the younger generation.


Travel around the red-painted buses with capacity of 22 people. Quite high bus windows. At least from the waist passenger in a sitting position. The bus that looks like a tram was also equipped with a special line for passengers in wheelchairs. Of HOS, passengers are invited to enjoy Kalisosok former prison buildings which are now allowed to mangkrak. Kalisosok is one of the historical evidence enough. Known as the most violent prison, one might say this is his Indonesian Alcatraz tour participants (tracker, red) will get the explanations each time a bus across the building or historic site. For example, when the tracker at the Tugu Pahlawan and PTPN Peacock, they will get an explanation of the history of the building by a guide (guide) Sht.

Sht route is divided into two parts

Short lines operate Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, while a long line on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Long path takes half an hour longer than the short path that only an hour. “Another difference, short lines stop at the Tugu Pahlawan, while Line Long distance, ie, in City Hall,” said Ina. According to Ina, the implementation for the long route, City Hall so the cleaning suspension. Here, tourists are given the opportunity down briefly from the bus and posed photographs in the area of City Hall.

In addition, all the way connoisseurs Sht / tracker can come down and enjoy the cultural offerings such as reog the Youth Center, enjoy traditional foods such as clover, rujak Cingur, etc.. Sht aims to explore the cultural heritage of the past who became icons of Surabaya and the identity of hero. Dismissal is the halfway point of the tour. From City Hall, the journey continues with a route back to the House of Sampoerna. Here, the bus passed Jl Mayor Mustajab-Gentengkali-Praban-Bubutan-Indrapura-Eagle-West Krembangan, and returned to the HOS.

Throughout the trip, the bus passengers were treated to stories about historic buildings and places that stand on either side of the road impassable. Acts relating to the history of the struggle in Surabaya was conveyed tour guide on the bus. “The concept Sht, we provide tour guides and not play the video recordings through television story on the bus,” said Ina.

Sht itself will be operated with two tour routes, namely the long tour and short tours. Long tour is given on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While the short tour can be enjoyed by tourists in the day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For a short tour, the bus straight back to Jl Indrapura after the Tugu Pahlawan. “Tugu Pahlawan we make stops for a short tour,” said Ina. The tour will be around Surabaya Sht 3 times a day with 2 routes, namely the short routes and long routes route. Short routes are scheduled on Tuesday-Thursday at 09.00-16.30 (10.00-11.30, 13.00-14.30, 15.00-16.30) wib, with travel time of 1 to 1.5 hours of Tugu Pahlawan-HOS-HOS. As for the long route dijawalkan on Friday-Sunday, at 09.00-17.00 (09.00-11.00, 13.00-14.30, 15.00-17.00) wib, with travel time of 1.5 to 2 hours of HOS-Park

This tour can be enjoyed free of charge for visitors HOS. Booking a ticket can be done in the Tracker Sht Information Center (TIC) in the number 031-3539000.

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