Surabaya overview

Surabaya overview

Located in the heart of Surabaya Jl. Youth, a good place to start your journey. Then we headed to the old port Kalimas, crowded with ships, container ships, and there are several traditional wooden ship Pinisi which was hauling a load, a scene that graced this place for the last 600 years.

masjid_sunan_ampelClose Kalimas, we can visit Sunan Ampel Mosque, built in 1421. Surabaya is an interesting town and full of contradictions. Prior to the kingdom, Surabaya in the Dutch colonial period, the city turned into a trade center and the largest port in those days. Then some of the most bloody battles for independence going on here. Historical legacy we can see now mixed with the landscape of modern life today.

Ceng-HoWe continue the journey toward the Cheng Hoo Mosque on Jl. Ivory, a mosque which has elements of Chinese culture as a unique pagoda-shaped roof.

Not so far from the old city center, Hotel Majapahit, the Dutch colonial style is the perfect place to stop and sip a cup of tea. In the year 1945, this hotel is a place of historical events of struggle, occurred at penyobekan blue Dutch flag and turn it into a Red and White, which has become the flag of Indonesia.

After sunset, Kya Kya Kembang Jepun offers a variety of cheap food in the open, Pujasera version of Surabaya which is also a place to wash the eyes.

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