Transport and Car Rental

Transport and Car Rental

KIA PregioTransportation of tourists represents a dynamic collective force committed to the promotion of tourism and transportation in the destination that appears. We provide many options and secure comfortable. Most of the cars less than three years and has a portfolio of products. The cars are equipped with the main innovations: the machine that has a better performance, comfortable seats, large trunk space and air-conditioning is good. We provide 4, 6, 10 seat mini-vans and 20 to 43 seats. We do regular maintenance and check all equipment. Our crews and professional drivers ready to work professionally, they all worked diligently to offer the best conditions on the road. We are committed to quality traffic solutions and service excellence. Our services include MEDAN, JAKARTA, BANDUNG, YOGYAKARTA, SURABAYA, BALI and LOMBOK.

Luxury-01We are also ready with a luxury bus for a variety of purposes, ranging from office, travel, even for purposes of promotion roadshows / special event company. Equipped with full entertainment facilities for an unforgettable trip …. Seemed based both on the hotel tour running ….


  • TV & Home Theater
    Luxury-033 TV: LCD 32 “and 20” in the living room, and 1 LCD 20 “at the back door. If you want to see the road ahead, in front of CCTV cameras connected to the bus ready LCD television in the passenger space. There are also home theater devices, karaoke, and an electric massage chair. So as a massage, enjoy the music and movie offerings with sound systems such Luxury-02as the cinema’s favorite.
  • Kitchen Set, Bed & Toilet
    Equipped also with 1 set table dining chair, dry kitchen with grill (oven), and a minibar. Stacking bed facility and maintained bathroom privacy.
  • Hotspot Internet
    Hot spot available, for those who want to surf the Internet. Supported by the facility 3.5 G broadband Indosat, with HSDPA technology (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) provides data services / intrrnet at speeds up to 3.6 Mpbs.

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