Pasir Padi Beach

Pasir Padi Beach

Pasir Padi BeachBangka Belitung Islands, or more popularly known as Babylon is a new province of South Sumatra fractions. Islands with an area of 81,724.74 km2 and a population of 1,000,177 inhabitants is a province rich in maritim tourism. With capital Pangkal Pinang passed on February 9, 2002, Islands, famous since ancient Babylon with the result of tin mining and white pepper.

Will discuss tourism baharinya, Babylon has some beaches that are so beautiful and fascinating. Wet Sand Beach is one of the few beaches that held a very charming beauty. For citizens Pangkalpinang, a city of about 134,000 inhabitants, Pasir Padi is the only beach resort in the city. This beach is located in Bukit Intan Subdistrict, Pangkalpinang. Beach overlooking the South China Sea coast has a gently sloping bottom as far as 100-300 meters to the sea. The waves are so calm sea makes it feel safe beach for bathing.

Clicking sound was amazed when he saw the beauty of the beach scene with a blue sea and clean sand stretching as far as the eye could see. A beauty that can not be expressed in words.

In addition to swimming beach, the tourists can sail to the two small islands located about 2 miles from shore using sailboats owned by fishermen. Two of these islands, namely: Long Island and the island Semajun. On Long Island we could see the bustle of the fishermen and families buy and enjoy their catches such as fish, crabs, and so on. Another case in Semajun Island, a small island uninhabited.

If the holidays, the beach is crowded with visitors who want to swim or feel the warmth of the sun with the sun. In addition, regular visitors who enjoy the beautiful beach are dozens of young children who live in villages around the coast. They have not come to bathe at the beach or just sunbathing, but playing football.

On the shore of the cars were free to visitors passing by on the beach sand. Hard sand beach, either wet or dry, causing the wheels do not disappear into the sand. This beach was often used as motor racing arena fights. Supporting facilities such as lodgings, restaurants and fishing included there.

As a province of the archipelago, Bangka Belitung has great potential in the field of marine tourism. Almost all the beaches in this archipelago is a typical beach of white sand to relax with a very calm surf. The beaches are very gentle slope is still very clean and natural because the level of soil and water pollution are not too big on the coastal environment.

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