Carita Beach

Carita Beach

Carita BeachSince the first, Banten Province is famous for its beautiful beaches. Call it what has become a legend Anyer since the Dutch colonial era. Currently, the Government together with the community to develop a coastal tourist attraction in this province, such as Carita, Labuan, Karang Bolong and many more, are very attractive to be enjoyed at the weekend. This time, the opportunity to visit Indonesia Explore Carita Beach and feature stories about the fascinating tourist sites of these visitors to the reader.

Carita beach is a tourist attraction located in the District Pandeglang, Banten and has determined based on the Decree of Minister of Agriculture No.440/kpts/UM/1978 on July 15, 1978 as a Natural Park. With a beautiful panorama and white sand beaches make this area frequently visited by local and foreign tourists.

Carita beach is rich in natural resources. Expanse of gently sloping shore with very small waves and gentle sweep along the coast, combined view of Mount Krakatoa’s strong standing in the distance to treat a beautiful natural carved eyes. When we visit there, see and explore their own atmosphere of this resort, the fact that convince us of everything.

Play Sand Beach

Many visitors who come here to spend some time on the beach while playing sand. Especially for children, playing on the white sand beach Carita done while making sand castles and shape of the mountain. In addition to children, too many teenagers who like to play sand in there. They more often make a big hole and in which their bodies can be buried up to neck length. We did not want to lose the game was exciting enough. Explore a team member in Indonesia to make a hole in the sand and lay down in the hole, while another friend who looks up to bury his head only just. We were not expecting, it turns out some time “buried” near a crab who was walking toward him, which eventually made us burst out laughing to see “the buried” shouted, worried if the crab would pinch his nose, ha ha ….!

Small waves and Gentle

Here, tourists are given the freedom to swim directly on the beach, although permitted only up to predetermined limits coastal managers. With small waves, each visitor can swim safely and comfortably even though the first time to swim at the beach. Very mengasikan. For those who want to swim using a float board, in this place a lot of available mattress surfing with a very populist prices. Simply remove one sheet of five thousand dollars, you can use as much. It is very pleasant to swim using this mattress surfing, gliding on the water with ease while enjoying the strains of the little waves along the coast. If the wave comes, you just need terlungkup on the mat and byurrrrr …. mattress was brought encouragement to the shore the waves. We also tried it again and again, well it mengasikkan dech …, as if do not want to stop swimming.

The game is presented in Carita Beach

Once satisfied swimming and terminum little salty sea water, we tried some other game more challenging. The first game we tried was a similar Speed Boat motorcycle with out a fee of Rp. 150.000, for a one-time rental for 15 minutes. Hmm … not too bad sich cost that much, but it all paid off with the pleasures and challenges of the game. Previously, we were told in advance how to start and drive Speed Boat let us not be overwhelmed if anything happens when we run it. Once you understand all the instructions we were wearing life jackets and started the engine. Speed Boat started life as well as the slow, slow-speed Speed Boat hardness depends on our hands that pull the gas, to slow or fast.

Another game is the Banana Boat (balloon-like giant bananas on the attraction by boat) where the visitors made tense by this game because of the way that deliberately meandering, and sometimes also drawn to the fast pace was suddenly so many passengers that Banana Boat fell into the water several times. You do not need to fear if splashed into the water, because the jacket that we use to make these bodies floating in the water.

Almost 2 hours of play in the water, we were all booked up kedaratan and young coconut. … Fresh young coconut water to drink after a couple of times terminum salty coastal water.

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Web HostingPosted on  3:55 am - Mar 21, 2017

The authorities should take control about this because the beach was very beautiful, and it was not that far from jakarta.

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