The beauty of Batik

The beauty of Batik

BatikEveryone knows about batik There are several styles of other regions such as China Batik, Batik Africa, Batik or Batik Ukraine United. All the forces I mentioned earlier have the same base, but each region has a different complexity to apply the finishing process. But to be honest, the most detailed and most beautiful batik can only be found on the island of Java, Java origins of batik-batik.

The word batik itself can be roughly translated as wax painting. Artist took a brush to draw a plain fabric with wax to prevent certain areas during the process of coloring dyes. Cain is very varied, either silk or cotton, using the original Java Batik cotton. Because the process and method of batik, batik is authentic can be seen on both sides of the fabric. Important tool for creating a Canting, a special tool has been developed to draw a detailed trace of the money has been drawn with a pencil. Canting is filled with a liquid mixture of wax and should be kept at a certain temperature to keep in liquid form, but still pale.

After the paint bath, the fabric is then hung to dry. After the color is completely dry, the fabric will be boiled to remove the wax.

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