Morotai Island

Morotai Island

Morotai IslandMorotai Island is located at the northern tip of North Halmahera District and is part of the North Maluku province. Morotai Island is geographically situated between 200-240 degrees North latitude and longitude degrees 12815-12848. Morotai Island is bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the North Sea in the east of Halmahera, Morotai Strait to the south and the Celebes Sea to the west.

Morotai Island area of 2474.94 square kilometers is, or 10 percent of the land area of North Maluku Regency. Administratively, the island of Morotai since 2002 belong to the district administration with the capital of North Halmahera regency in Tobelo.

Morotai Island itself is divided into 3 (three) districts namely:

  1. the capital of North Morotai Berebere;
  2. West South Morotai Wayabula capital, and
  3. South Morotai Daruba capital.

Soil texture on the island of Morotai in general, with smooth and textured areas are on the east. Most of Daruba City area is agricultural land or plantations of coconut plantation folk and garden mix. While the use of land for the physical (residential, office and economic facilities) only covering 79.64 hectares or 3.92 per cent of the total area of the city. Other land-use airfield area is 15 acres, ponds, protected areas, and so on. Like most cities located in coastal areas, the land use pattern in the City Daruba tend to follow the pattern of linear shoreline. In the coastal section is dominated mainly by the physical structure. While agricultural activities tend toward the hills to the east and north of the city.

The population of the island of Morotai as a whole as much as 58,720 people scattered in 47 villages. Livelihoods mostly as farmers and fishermen (more than 60 per cent), while the other is the livelihood of traders, civil servants and the military / police.

Type of food crop production on the island of Morotai including paddy rice, dry rice, maize, cassava, sweet potato, peanut, mung bean, soybean, fruits and vegetables. To go to Morotai Island can only be reached by means of sea transport to the City Daruba. Travel to Morotai taken by speedboat drive from Ternate to Sidangoli with 1-hour travel time. Next by ground vehicles to Tobelo with travel time of 3 hours and Tobelo by speedboat to Morotai with 1.5 hours of travel time.

Infrastructure and land transportation facilities to the villages and inter-district existing and in good condition. Public passenger terminal located in the City Daruba with some land transport fleet serving passengers.

Marine transportation infrastructure in the port category that is not cultivated there Daruba City, the capital of South Morotai sub-district. Volume loading and unloading of goods in the domestic shipping for inter-island trade in the Port of Daruba dismantled in 2002 and 6525 tons of 33,718 tons loaded.

Although the island of Morotai a former airfield from World War II, which has 7 lines long runway with each 3 km, but the air transportation of passenger transportation, especially public until now not been able to operate on a regular basis. This is due to the lack of general aviation serving permanently flight path to and from the island of Morotai. The existing airport is currently managed as a military air base by the AU and landed several times the general aircraft to and from the Ternate more widely used for commercial transportation. Hopefully in the future, the island of Morotai increasingly the desire for all tourists to vacation there.

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