Tourism train “Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara”

Tourism train “Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara”

Tourism train “Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara”

After considering input from stakeholders and an evaluation at the time of the trial several times, finally Surakarta City Department of Transportation decided Kluthuk railroad management system Jaladara.

Because of this steam train is the only one in the world of steam trains that run on rails in the middle of town, the railroad will be optimized Kluthuk Jaladara tourism as a means to introduce the city of Surakarta, East Java and all the potential and richness of its culture to the world community. It will apply to some fares scheme for public service (community service) and for package tours.

What will you be on the way railroad Kluthuk Jaladara?

Travel divide cultures and tourist town of Surakarta on the rail line was first created by the NIS (Nederlandsch Indië Spoor Maatschappig) in 1920, using steam cab with routes ranging from station to station Purwosari Solo City and then back again to the station with the distance Purwosari total 11 , 2 km and is estimated to take approximately 3 hours.

Loco steam is still using the original steam engine made in Germany in 1896 with the main fuel wood and water. Wood used is teak and is expected to spend 4 s / d 6m3 teak and 3 s / d 5m3 of water in one go. Loko this interesting two original teak carriages made in 1920 with the code CR 16 and CR 144. Optimal capacity total for 2 cars is 72 people.

Activities (Package Tour):

  • Welcome drink gendhong traditional herbal medicine (on the train tour)
  • Snacks Solo typical style, among other Kluthuk Sate (satay-style gauge kluthuk kere) and snack market
  • Traditional Music (sindhen, siter, and kendhang)
  • Tour guides who will explain the history and potential of Surakarta City
  • Tunas Teak tree (for re-greening Indonesia)
  • Cultural attractions (pieces of Java, tambourine, etc.) at some point stops

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