Ulun Danu Batur: The second largest temple in Bali

Ulun Danu Batur: The second largest temple in Bali

Ulundanu Pura Batur located in the lake Beratan, Bedugul is the most important temple in Bali after the second “mother temple” Pura Besakih. This temple was founded to Batari dedicated to the Goddess Danu Ulun, guardian god of rivers and Ulun Danu lakes. This temple was founded in 1926 and Batur is a village located in a caldera at the foot of Mount Batur. When Mount Batur erupted in 1926, the eruption destroyed the village and temple, except the most important temple, Pura 11 level, which is dedicated to the Goddess Danu Ulun Batari. Then the inhabitants migrated to higher ground where they then re-establish their homes and temple.

Ulundanu TempleUlun Danu was like a kind of temple complex. Consists of 9 different Pura, consisting of a total of 285 temples dedicated to Lord Water, Agriculture, Holy Spirit, Art, etc.. In the Temple of berhawa this cool addition to being a place of prayer, for tourists who visit here can also rent a canoe or motor boat, the boat you can row yourself around and around the lake Beratan. All around the yard there is an old banyan tree that looks very old and large. Meanwhile, many trees surrounding the flowers colorful. For those who visited with the children’s playground is also provided small and simple such as swings and a seesaw. Not far from this temple there is a resting place of the Yellow Temple, the resting place of many food and beverage vendors warm. Many visitors enjoy the time relaxing and mountain views while fishing on a jetty made of bamboo with hook and bait to rent a lot of local residents provided.

Ulun Danu Batur is very convenient for tourists who want to come to Bali to just calm down and enjoy the time away from the noisy turmoil like in Legian and Kuta areas. Before reaching Ulun Danu Batur, we also passed Bali Botanical Garden, in this place we can enjoy the cool weather and for tourists with children, it is also suitable to provide additional education.

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