Rupat Island became Icon Tourism Indonesia

Rupat Island became Icon Tourism Indonesia

Rupat IslandTourism potential of the island owned Rupat unquestioning. This is made even more serious Riau provincial government to develop the island located in the waters of the Malacca Strait.

One of them will form the Management and Coordination Agency Development (BKPP) for the development Rupat Island. If this entity has been formed, then later the entire government district in Riau would be involved.

The Department of Culture and Tourism Riau, Joni Irwan told reporters in Pekanbaru tell, Rupat Island has been set to be one of the 2010 national tourism icon. This was caused by the natural beauty Rupat Island will be able to attract tourists.

“This year (2010) Rupat Island, especially the North Rupat already established a national tourism icon mainstay by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism National,” said Joni Irwan again. In North Rupat have a very beautiful beaches and charming.

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