Dieng tourist area

Dieng tourist area

DiengDieng tourist areas have been designated as one of the four tourist destinations in Central Java. It happened because Dieng is considered to have potential of natural and cultural interest and a lot of local and foreign tourists visited the region.

Tourists from Europe to visit Dieng increased. “Whereas the tourist sites Dieng quite hidden, but the fact more and more foreign tourists, it indicates that the Dieng has a special attraction

In addition to Dieng, there are three other tourist area into a tourist destination destinations in Central Java. The third type is located in the tourist area and surrounding Solo, Semarang and surrounding areas including Karimunjawa Cilacap in Pangandaran Beach and the island of Nusakambangan. While Dieng into the temple of Borobudur and the surrounding area.

Dieng Culture Festival event which has become a hallmark of Dieng during the last three years. Dieng Culture Festival feasible to be developed for visitors every year is increasing.

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