Cakraningrat Bangkalan Museum

Cakraningrat Bangkalan Museum

Cakraningrat Bangkalan Museum

Cakraningrat MuseumThis museum is a public museum. Initially the museum collection objects are moved around the place and changing the name of the place anyway. On March 13, 2008 Government Bangkalan keen attention to historical relics in Bangkalan. Finally, realization of building a new museum building with the name of Bangkalan Cakraningrat Museum. The building was built on an area of 2709 m2 with the details of public buildings covering an area of 792 m2 and 144 m2, non-public area. Status of his land is the property of the state. Indeed, from the beginning to build this building functioned as a museum that consists of one floor only. To obtain more detailed information can direct the phone to 031-3097065 or can use the same fax number. The museum has a large collection which will be given some examples below.

Some of the Collection:

  • Madura batik fabric
  • Batik equipment
  • Alas Batik Carving
  • victory
  • Paeduwan
  • trophy
  • Penggel
  • Cucuk comb
  • horse-drawn carriage
  • miniature Prahu
  • Kekeyan
  • Ginggung
  • Srone
  • Kleles
  • kentongan
  • Gamelan Ratna Dumila

Public Facilities:

  • Information space
  • Place of ticket sales
  • Permanent exhibition space
  • toilet
  • parking
  • places of worship

Museum Facilities:

  • Preparation workshop
  • Collection study room
  • Administrative space (offices)
  • Collection storage space


Jl. Soekarno Hatta 39A Bangkalan
Telp. ( 031 ) 3097065, Fax. ( 031 ) 3097065

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