House of Sampoerna Museum

House of Sampoerna Museum

House of Sampoerna Museum

The museum was built from the date of February 20, 1892 to begin work as a museum since the date of October 9, 2003. At first, this building serves as Jonges Weezen Inrichting Orphan Orphanage for young man. The two-story building constructed on an area of 6695 m2, with details of 1357.90 m2 to 220 m2 and floor to floor. Establishment of the museum is the basic use of historic buildings owned by Sampoerna as a museum. If viewed from a collection owned by the museum include a museum of history, because it tells the Sampoerna journey from what was done before the pilot could have established the Sampoerna to Sampoerna great as it is today. House of Sampoerna is also accessible via the internet service in If you want to send electronic mail can get through hos.surabaya @ Visitors are allowed free entry to enjoy a collection of 989 provided 18 years of age.

MotorcycleSome of the Collection:

  • Sampoerna pioneer replica shop
  • Sampoerna pioneering motorcycle
  • Cigarette packaging printing equipment
  • The various types of tobacco
  • Collection of old matchbook packaging
  • Sampoerna cigarette packaging collection
  • Pioneering work table

Public Facilities:

  • Auditorium space
  • Audiovisual room
  • Permanent exhibition space
  • Temporary exhibition space
  • souvenirs

Museum Facilities:

  • HOS-cafe

Administrative space (offices)

  • Security control room
  • Storage Space Collection
  • Bus Travel SHT (Surabaya Heritage Track)


Taman Sampoerna 6 Surabaya 60163
Phone: +62 (0)31 353 9000
Fax: +62 (0)31 353 9009

Opening Times:

Monday-Sunday: At 9:00 s.d 22:00

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