Keraton Sumenep Museum

Keraton Sumenep Museum

Keraton Sumenep Museum

Labeng MesemThis museum includes general museum on hold by the district. Initially the museum building serves as the Office of the King, circa 1762, but began work as a museum since March 9, 1965. The building was built on an area of 8500 m2 with a floor area of the entire course with up to 2,000 m2. Basic stance is Presidential Decree No. museum. 71 In 1964, Presidential Decree No. RI. 16 In 1959, Kep. No Regent of KDH. 0242/D/a/IV-65, Kep notary deed number. No Regent of KDH. 0212/D/a/IV-65. Ownership status of land use rights still / lease. The museum has a collection of 480 classified in several types.

Some of the Collection:

  • Arkeologika
  • Keramogika
  • Numismatika and Heraloika
  • Filologika
  • Teknologika
  • Etnografika
  • Geologika
  • Biologika
  • Historika
  • Fine arts
  • Royal palace
  • Photos of King Sumenep
  • The Big Al Qur’an

Kereta KeratonPublic Facilities:

  • Permanent Exhibition Space
  • Places of worship

Museum Facilities:

  • Collection storage space
  • Administrative space (offices)


Jl. Dr. Soetomo 6 Sumenep 69416
Telp.(0328) 667148, Fax. (0328) 672617
Opening Times: Monday: At 07.00 s.d 17:00

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