Monkasel Surabaya sub-marine-monument

Monkasel Surabaya sub-marine-monument

Monkasel Surabaya sub-marine-monument

Submarine Monument (Monkasel) is a monument to the biggest submarine in the region, which was built on the river side Kalimas, Surabaya. The monument was built with the idea of elders from the Navy Submarine.

The main concept is:

  • To create a new tourist area in East Java
  • As a legacy of values that reflect the history of Indonesia as a State Maritime
  • To keep safe and acts as the object of conservation
  • As memories dedicated to a brave warrior who fought persistent.

KRI Pasopati 410, including type Whiskey Class SS, made in Vladi Wostok Russia in 1952. Submarine is participating in the Navy since the date of January 29, 1962, the main task is to destroy the enemy line (anti-shipping), supervision and conduct raids in secret. KRI Pasopati 410 has taken a major role to maintain maritime law, such as Operation Trikora, KRI 410 Pasopati down behind enemy lines, giving psychological oppression.

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