Legend of PRAMBANAN Temple

Legend of PRAMBANAN Temple

Legend of PRAMBANAN Temple

In ancient times there was a great kingdom called the kingdom of Prambanan. People in the kingdom in peace and a peaceful life until one day Prambanan kingdom was attacked and invaded by Pengging country. Prambanan kingdom army was overwhelmed by the attack of the army until the country Pengging lost kingdom and Prambanan Prambanan kingdom ruled by Pengging country. Leadership role was eventually held by Bondowoso.

Bondowoso is an evil and ruthless leader. Anyone who does not obey the command to be executed. Style rules are arbitrary – mena this is not liked by the people of Prambanan. As well as arbitrary – barbaric and cruel, also known Bondowoso have magic powers and have the genie troops in large numbers.

Until one day Bondowoso observe the motion – movements Jonggrang daughter, deputy king of Prambanan, a beautiful maiden. Until Bondowoso Jonggrang woo to be his wife. Startled Jonggrang also think hard about what he should take. Due to reject the proposal if Jonggrang Bondowoso, Bondowoso surely be furious and angry that public safety will be threatened Prambanan. Therefore Jonggrang finally accepted the proposal but Jonggrang Bondowoso propose a requirement: Bondowoso must build 1000 temples overnight.

Hearing requested by the Jonggrang, Bondowoso feel very angry. But by his advisers finally Bondowoso given a number of reasons that Bondowoso certainly capable of building 1000 temples in one night with the help of the genie troops. Then Bondowoso ritual to call his genie troops and then the construction of the temple began 1000 pieces.

From a distance Jonggrang busy staring at the genie in building the temple, with the power of the genie build 1000 temples were running very quickly. Seeing that the temple construction is almost complete, then call Jonggrang ladies – ladies. Most of the ladies were given the task to burn hay and partly given the task to hit pestle. So it seems a tinge of red light from the offerings of hay and boisterous sound of alu. Not long after a rooster was crowing because he thought the day was morning. The genie was running at the sound of a rooster crowing because they will burn when matahri appear. Bondowoso could not do much to see her genie troops fled.

The next day, Bondowoso Jonggrang invited to count the number of temples were built overnight. Jonggrang carefully counting the number of temples and it turns out there are only 999 temples. Feel insecure, self-Bondowoso end and it was only 999 temples there. Bondowoso feel very angry especially after being told that one of his advisors Jonggrang that makes the genie escape. Finally bandung Bondowoso Jonggrang condemn a temple to complete the number of temples to 1000 temples.

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