Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso


Waterfall of Cikaso, (Sundanese: Curug Cikaso) is a waterfall located in the southern district of Sukabumi. The waterfall is also known as Curug Luhur, but the name is better known waterfall Cikaso surrounding communities due to the flow of water coming from the tributaries Cikaso.

Curug Cikaso formed from three point waterfalls side by side in a single location where at the bottom of the waterfall there is a pond with water color bluish green. The second point of the waterfall can be seen clearly while the somewhat hidden by the cliffs facing to the east. Each of these waterfalls have individual names. Named waterfall Asepan the left, middle and right Mew named waterfall called Curug Aki. Thirdly this waterfall has a height of about 80 meters with a width of about 100 m cliff. The flow of water in an estuary continues into Tegal Buleud, Kab. Sukabumi.

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