Logending Beach, Ayah, Kebumen

Logending Beach, Ayah, Kebumen


Logending Beach is one of the attractions located on the beach in Kebumen district of Central Java province. Logending Beach is also known as beach father. Although it is located in the district Ayah, more commonly referred Logending beach near or within the vicinity of Gombong which is a sub-districts Kebumen.

Logending Beach is located in the village of my father‘s father districts Kebumen district bordering cilacap district. This beach is about 53 km from the city kebumen and about 8 km from the Cave Jatijajar attractions. The beach is easily reached by tourists for example from Yogyakarta tourists quite seeked then south toward Gombong then south to follow the road until there is a beach and hills.

Logending Beach located on the south coast of the island of Java so expansive views of the Indian Ocean can be seen clearly. This beach is also the estuary of the river that separates the district Bodo Kebumen and Cilacap. Views of the estuary of the river can be enjoyed with the facilities provided by the fishing boat with a particular rental rates. Besides limited by Bodo River estuary, home father in the southern part bounded by hills that contain teak trees and large rocks. On top of the hill there is a house with a guardrail of the house can see the sea and the fishing villages around the coast. Logending Beach can be regarded as the most comprehensive beach among the other beaches in Kebumen because in addition flanked by two hills or mountains is also a beach area for the fishermen. This is evident from dozens of fishing boats lined up on the beach every day and there is a breeding jellyfish and fish auction (TPI), which operates every day. In addition to a view of the sea coast is also famous Logending forest that surrounds the area. The forest is a forest owned by Perum Perhutani KPH South Kedu. The tour forests have a height of about 5 meters above sea level with temperatures ranging between 24 to 34 degrees Celsius. Logending beach tourism forests is often used as a camping place both by tourists and by Scoutmaster.

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