Vredeburg Museum

Vredeburg Museum

Vredeburg Museum

Fort built in 1765 by the Government of the Netherlands is used to resist the onslaught of the Kraton. With a surrounding moat, the castle has a rectangular-shaped watchtowers at its four corners and camps that allow Dutch soldiers to walk around while on guard and fired if necessary.

On the base of the cannon in the southern part of the camp, Yogyakarta and several other historic buildings including the surrounding traffic density clearly visible. Built in 1765 by the Dutch museum with an area of approximately 2100 square meters has several collections, among others:

  • VredeburgDutch heritage buildings, restored according its original form
  • Diorama-diorama depicting the struggle before the Declaration of Independence to the New Order period
  • Collection of historic objects, photographs, and paintings of the national struggle in pioneering, achieving, maintaining, as well as the independence Indonesia

Fortress Museum Yogyakarta, originally named “Fort Rustenburg” which has the meaning “Fortress Resorts”, built by the Dutch in 1760 on the ground palace. Thanks to permit lane I, circa 1765-1788 and further refined building be renamed “Vredeburg” which has the meaning “Fortress of Peace”.

Historically this building since its establishment until now has undergone various changes in the function of the years of 1760 – 1830 serves as a bulwark, in the year 1830 -1945 serves as the military headquarters of the Netherlands and Japan, and in 1945 – 1977 serves as the headquarters of the Indonesian military.

After 1977 the Hankam return to the government. By the government through the Minister of Education which was held with the approval of Mr. Daud Yoesoep lane IX as owner, defined as an information center and cultural development of the archipelago on August 9, 1980.

On April 16, 1985 redeveloped into a museum and opened to the public Struggle in 1987. Then on 23 November 1992 officially became “Special Museum of the National Struggle” by the name “Fort Museum in Yogyakarta”.

Vredeburg former building restored and preserved. In the restoration of the exterior shape is still maintained, while the shape of the inside was restored and adapted to the new function as a museum space.

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