Tanjung Layar

Tanjung Layar

Tanjung Layar

Tanjung Layar is a promontory in the district of Bayah, Lebak, Banten Province. At the time the Dutch East Indies, this cape name Java’s Eerste Punt or “the first tip of the island of Java,” that when people set sail from the west.

First surrounding region is Sawarna coconut plantation, which was established at the time of the Dutch East Indies, then after Indonesia became independent, managed by the local forestry. Then the local government took over the region as a tourist area.

In addition to the beach, the area known as “area of a thousand caves” it does have thousands of caves formed by limestone mountains stretching from Pelabuhanratu to bayah and Malingping.

Near Tanjung Layar are Ciantir coast, where there is a boulder that stands tall with straight-shaped screen, which led to the name given to this place. Boulder is surrounded by coral clusters that protect this region from waves towering waves.

Ciantir beach is where surfers who generally come from abroad. They usually come in the big waves.

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