Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach

Bali’s southern region is synonymous with white sandy beaches, one of which Bingin Beach. Attraction of this beach is located in Pecatu Village, south of Kuta, Badung. Approximately 32km from Denpasar direction, after the Dreamland beach. Being a coastline with beach Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin beach after beach fields. So if you take a package tour and likes the beach in here that track.

Beautiful beaches like this Bingin become an idol for tourists who love the tranquility and beauty more. Nature picture beautiful enough to make you amazed. Travelers who love to surf will make it a special place, because the waves are quite tempting. To complete your Bali tour, do not miss this beach.

Bingin Beach

Coastal areas Bingin is still beautiful, the main feature of the beaches in the area is rough on the beach as in the south, the natural atmosphere pure by high waves up to 4 meters, will be the target for a surfer or fan of surfing, Bingin beach sand directly adjacent to the cliffs, thus presenting a special scenery, especially people like selfie, then plan your tour to this place.

Access roads to the location to the beach attraction Bingin beach is indeed quite difficult quite difficult, steep and winding streets. Probably because of the thrill of this trip and the beauty and the beautiful coral reef make now much visited especially by surfers. To reach the beach, visitors must descend the staircase, and finally your efforts paid off after witnessing its beauty.

If you want to vacation and tourism in Bali, take time to stop by this location, away from the bustle of human like other beaches, full of tranquility with fresh air coast, is a natural therapy for the mind to become more fresh, even if you do not like sports surfing, you can see them dancing on the waves, because the beach is shallow enough you can get to snorkel or swim, the perfection of nature are increasingly felt before sunset / sunset.

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