Sempu Island, Malang

Sempu Island, Malang

Sempu Island is a small island that is still in one location with the Blue Spring Beach, precisely in the Village Tambakrejo, District Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang. The island is under the auspices of the Natural Resources Conservation Center.

At first officially since 1928, Sempu island is a nature reserve which has a variety of ecosystems such as coastal forests, mangrove forests, and lowland tropical forests.


But the longer, many nature lovers who visit Blue Spring Beach Sempu do camping on the island with a cross using boats of the fishermen. Which makes it special is Sempu island lagoon Segara Anakan contained in the island. Segara Anakan To achieve this you must do the tracking for two hours through the forest and steep road.

This trip will pay off once you see the white sand with a super clear blue water and coral formations that protect Segara Anakan. The sea water here is very calm so safe to use swim. To maintain the beauty of this island is expected you will not throw lacquer and damage the existing ecosystem.

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