Ciletuh Geopark

Ciletuh Geopark

Ciletuh Geopark is able to provide a variety of rides incredible natural charm. When visiting this Geopark you will be faced with the difficult world of beauty found in other locations in Indonesia. A stretch of rocks up to the waterfall is available in full in this Ciletuh Geopark. not just 1 or 2 waterfalls, but you can see and enjoy up to 10 spot beautiful and stunning waterfall in beautiful tourist locations this one.

Ciletuh Geopark

The main menu when it traveled to the Geopark Ciletuh is a unique experience of seeing the rock aged up to tens of millions of years of the earth’s crust terdasar, one of the main clearest you can see is an amphitheater of nature that occurs naturally as a result of a massive landslide with a diameter of up to 15 meters.

Given this Ciletuh Geopark and the site could be evidence for the existence of major geological events that occurred in the past which led to the plates of the earth and rocks from the bottom up to tens of kilometers away to the earth’s surface.

Not only the landscape, but with a visit to the Geopark area Ciletuh you will berikteraksi with citizens lokasl and treated to a variety of traditional shades ranging from food to show typical art Sundanese that you rarely find.

Ciletuh Geopark

Interesting news is this Ciletuh Geopark region will be projected as a world-class tourist sites mainstay of West Java. With the concept of Sixty Minutes Distance is the standard world-class tourist sites then, the government plans to build a large enough area of the airport to be built in Citarate. Aside from government Citarate airport also plans to build the deepwater port of Pelabuhan Ratu to access the sea.

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Rosliza Abd RahmanPosted on  2:17 pm - Dec 18, 2016

Hi, am interested in Ciletuh Geopark Tour. Planned date is 24-26 Dec.2016.
Are these a good date to go. Would like to book for a guide and transport from Jakarta_Ciletuh Geopark and back. Appreciate a quotation for the above dates, tour package inclusive. I am going alone and will be including landscape photography in the trip.
Thank you.

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