Ora Beach

Ora Beach

Ora beach located on the island of Seram, Maluku Tengah. This is heaven on earth. For tourists, this beach has been supplied resorts that standing on the beach with very clear water. The resorts here in the form of a wooden house on stilts with a material causing a cozy atmosphere for relaxing eliminate fatigue or burden of mind. This place is very indulgent visitors who want to find peace of mind. In addition to snorkle, visitors can also cross the river Salawai to see the process of making sago, palm fruit collection, or view a variety of birds in the river mouth in the Gulf of Solomon. Travelers also be trekking through the jungle that is still preserved behind Sawai Affairs, headed Education and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hamlet Masihulan, Sawai, where seeing breeding parrots and parrot spooky spooky. Do not forget to see the caves, waterfalls, or spend the night at the lodge, in the middle of the forest. To reach the beach ora we have to cross to Port Amahay in Masohi city of Port Tulehu Seram island in Central Maluku district by using Vessel.

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Virtual Private ServersPosted on  9:11 pm - Mar 25, 2017

Suanggi Rock”, if the sea water in a state of low tide, we can walk to get there is a distance of approximately 100 meters from the beach. Batu Layar”, 2 pieces of stone as high as approximately 5 meters located on the edge of the beach, which when seen from a distance is like sail ship.

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