Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach or Pulang Sawal Beach is one of the exciting and exotic beaches are in the area of Gunung Kidul. Initially, this beach is known for Indrayanti Beach. The mention of the name of the previous Indrayanti Beach reaping a lot of controversy. Indrayanti not the name of the beach, but the name of the owner of the cafe and restaurant. Due Indrayanti name that appeared on the nameplate beach cafe and restaurants, eventually people call this beach by name Indrayanti Beach. While the government named this beach by beach name Pulang Syawal. However Indrayanti name much more popular and more commonly referred to than Pulang Syawal. The involvement of the private sector in the management of Turkish Indrayanti apparently helped bring positive impact. Unlike the other beaches are rather dirty, along the shoreline Indrayanti looks clean and free of litter.

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Like most tourist attractions, on the beach Indrayanti there are many hotels, bungalow on a hill with a panoramic view of the beach, as well as the usual specialty that can be used for overnight. The fares are varied, from the price of Rp. 100,000, – to Rp. 350.000, – / night based on the type of lodging and day stay. If you come during the holidays of course the price will be more expensive when compared to other days.

Indrayanti Beach is located in 47 km south of the center of Yogyakarta, precisely in the Village Sidoharjo, District Tepus, Gunung Kidul Regency. The beach is adjacent to Sundak and Somandeng located on the western side.

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In Indrayanti Beach area is lined beach beautiful coast with waves big enough typical South Beach. You will be very grateful to the beach Indrayanti, because the unique beauty treats Tepus countryside and scenery are very intriguing karst hills will accompany you throughout the trip.

Photo by Kwicaksono

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