Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Located approximately 60 km from the capital. To go to the village of Senaru takes about 2 to 3 hours by four wheel drive from downtown Mataram. There are two routes that can be taken employs to get there, the first through Pusuk and second through Senggigi Beach. There is no public transportation that leads directly to this location. Therefore, the visitors usually rent a vehicle at the rental-car or motorcycle that is found in the center of town (Mataram or Cakranegara).

The road to the waterfall is less well with down the rocky path, through the woods, up and down several large rocks and tree trunks are crossing the rocky slippery and rather swift current.

tiu-kelepTiu Kelep Waterfall has a height of 42 meters and stratified. Waterfall water is quite heavy and big with a pool that formed underneath is not so in only waist adults. Also the bottom of the pool that is soft and flat allows visitors can swim. Also according to the myths that circulate in waterfall shower if this will lead to eternal youth.

This waterfall is located in the area of Mount Rinjani National Park with source water comes from Lake Segara Anak on the top of Mount Rinjani.

There are still two more waterfalls in this area, namely Sendang Gila Waterfall and Batara Lejang Waterfall. Tiu Kelep Waterfall position is located between the two waterfalls. First mentioned thereunder, where falling water of Tiu Kelep Waterfall will occur over a mossy green sloping cliffs formed Sendang Gila Waterfall. While the latter are in it upstream.

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