Malela Waterfall

Malela Waterfall

Malela waterfall (Curug Malela) its location in the village of Cicadas, Bandung District Subdistrict sockets Gununghalu Barat. And natural attractions in Bandung West this can be achieved for approximately 3 hours drive from downtown Bandung, and walk to the location as far as 10 km and down the hills green and beautiful overlays.

Malela waterfall is one of the natural tourist sites in Bandung which could be the best choice for your travel destination while on vacation.

Curug Malela

Malela waterfall own resources derived from the upstream part Kendeng North Mountain, a volcano located in the west Ciwidey who have died, then flows across the river Cidadap – Mount Halu.

Malela waterfall which has a height of about 60 meters with a width of the waterfall reaches 70 meters, have 5 lines waterfall that will look at all the beauty and grandeur that is very fascinating to anyone who saw, if the flow of water to the location being widely and rushing past waterfalls this.

Waterfall Malela when viewed from a distance will look like fine silk threads sparkle shine. On the edge of the right you can see the shape of white fairly exotic high cliff that leads to the bottom of the waterfall.

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Jermaine TanPosted on  6:27 pm - Apr 23, 2018

Hi, do you have organised group tour to Mount Papandayan and Curug Malela Waterfall early June?

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