Mentawai Festival 2016

Mentawai Festival 2016

The government will hold the Mentawai Islands Mentawai Enchantment Festival 2016 on April 19 to 21. Mentawai Islands Regent said Enchantment Mentawai Festival is an event first held in the area and is fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf).


In the Mentawai charm of the festival activities will be centered in Mapadegat Beach, District of North Sipora and will display typical Mentawai cultural activities, people’s daily activities, nautical activities and attractions of art and cultural exhibitions.

In addition to showing the Mentawai culture, it also invites districts / cities in West Sumatra, and tourism businesses to become involved in these activities.

Head of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) Mentawai Islands said that the event was already set to be one of the annual agenda of Kemenparekraf based on potential and natural resources that exist in the area.

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