Dangar Ode Island

Dangar Ode Island

Dangar Ode Island is located in the north of the Gulf of Saleh (Teluk Saleh). Administratively, this island is located in the village of Ai Limong, District Moyo Hilir, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Dangar-Ode Island

Most of the land in Ode Dangar Island is dominated by the weeds which dominate all land cover so that it appears as a savanna. Other vegetation that grows in Dangar Island Ode in an amount not much like palm trees, banana trees, tree Mariga, Java timber trees and several species of urdu.

Ode Dangar Island on the Gulf of Saleh (Teluk Saleh) save the marine tourism potential and the potential to be developed. It is powered by a high-seas biodiversity and environmental services owned by Saleh Bay. Based on research that Saleh Gulf waters inhabited by 59 species of coral and 405 species of reef fish. Saleh Bay has also been named as the aquarium world by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Various species of fish ranging from grouper, mackerel, snapper, scallops and even a whale, can be found in this bay. Moreover, it is interesting that you can also find is the dolphin.

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