Togean Islands National Park

Togean Islands National Park

Togean Islands National Park is located in the Gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi, which was inaugurated in 2004. The administration of this region is in Tojo Una-una.


Togean Island

The islands are known for its rich coral reefs and other marine life are rare and protected. Some actions that can be done in Togean include: diving and snorkelling in Pulau Kadidiri, fishing exploring the natural forest in the jungle in the island Malenge, as well as visiting Colo mountain on the island of Una-una. Tourists can also visit the settlement of the Bajo in Kabalutan.

Formed by volcanic activity, the island is covered by lush vegetation and lush, and surrounded by coral reefs formations. Rocks and beaches provide a place for some marine animals to live and breed, such as the green turtle.


Kadidiri Island

Togean Islands National Park is an archipelago located in the transition zone and Weber Wallace line and a cluster of small islands across the center of the Gulf of Tomini, TNKT area located at coordinates 00o07’43 ” – 00o65’06 “LS and 121o.51 ‘ 63 ” – 1220.44’00 “BT, extends approximately 102.7 km, with a land area of approximately 755.4 km2, which consists of approximately 66 large and small islands. Unauna Island, Batudaka, Togean, Talatakoh, Waleakodi and Waleabahi are islands of magnitude.

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