Jagir Waterfall

Jagir Waterfall

Situated in Banyuwangi, East Java, Jagir Waterfall that are relatively easy to reach and is situated in the hamlet of Kampung Anyar, Taman Suruh, Glagah. Here, visitors will enjoy three waterfalls at once in one place.

This waterfall water flow is widened, so that it appears there are two or three waterfalls at a single point. No wonder this waterfall becomes the center of attention of visitors. Most visitors spend a lot of time to shower, swim or take pictures. Do not worry about clothes wet, waterfall in Kampung Anyar locations have facilities changing stations and public toilets are quite representative. Meanwhile, if after the play, feel rumbling stomach, food vendors there and the price is relatively cheap.

The high source and the rock cliffs, making the sound of water flowing from a height of about 50 meters is felt flushed hard. We can also enjoy the thrill of the water is clear and fresh under the waterfall.

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