Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung Beach

Pay a visit to the Watu Karung beach, then you will not feel disappointed. The preservation of nature and the cleanliness of the beach that is still relatively quite natural. In Watu Karung beach located in areas Pringkutung, Pacitan offers world-class waves for surf lovers, waves capable of reaching a height of 4 meters. With the waves were very nice no wonder the kind of world class surfers world champion Bruce Irons keen to try surfing here. Thanks to Bruce and his picture of surfing at Watu Karung made the cover of one of the leading international magazine WAVES, a lot of waves and surfing lovers who became interested and came to this beautiful place. for those who love with fishing seems Watu Karung is worth a try.


In addition to its world-class waves, Watu Karung also has the charm of extraordinary beauty also has a very clean beach and blue sea water. Its sand is white sand. Rows of coral lined add to the beauty of this beach. besides these things there are also green trees complement the beauty of the elements from this place. Do not worry though for those of you who want to play on the beach, because the big waves will be just a stop on the shoreline and will not drag you out to sea, so you can quietly playing with sand on the Watu Karung beach.


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