Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung Beach is located in the village of Tanjung Jaya subdistrict of Pandeglang district Panimbang Banten province. Position is located in the west of Pandeglang district and has an area of approximately 150 hectares. A distance of 160 km or approximately 3 hour journey from Jakarta.

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Tanjung Lesung Beach have variations lodging accommodations are quite diverse. You can stay at the inn and home stay at affordable rate or you stay at the hotel and resort on the edge of the beautiful beach of Tanjung Lesung valuable to millions of rupiah per night. Indeed, the best view in this area is located at the site of this luxury property.

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The activities that you can do in this beautiful coastal region are:

  • Enjoy the sunset on the beach. Sunset in Tanjung Lesung mentioned the best. Due to the angle of the sun angle “sink” behind the child of Krakatoa, truly an amazing sight.
  • Water sport. There are canoes, banana boats and jet skis and other water games. Even you can also swim at the beach this very clear.
  • Watching the fire dance performances and martial arts Debus from Banten famous, performed by a team of local artists in the coastal area of Tanjung Lesung.
  • Snorkeling and Diving. Take your time with a visit to the Liwungan island. The best thing that you do there is a dive enjoy the coral reefs, snorkel beach about and enjoy the beauty of the child of Krakatoa in the distance. And in the afternoon, thousands of gulls fly is an amazing sight.
  • Seafood party. Taste delicious cuisine in the restaurant-seafood restaurant located on the edge pantaim, most restaurants there, selling delicious seafood as a menu mainstay.

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