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Ludruk is the traditional art of drama in East Java. Ludruk is a traditional drama performed by arts groups in the deployment stage by taking the life stories of everyday people, stories of struggle and so are interspersed with jokes and accompanied by gamelan as a musical.

ngremoDialogue / monologue ludruk that entertain and make the audience laugh, using language typical of Surabaya, although sometimes there are guest stars from other areas such as Jombang, Malang, Madura, Madiun with a different accent. Simple language used in ludruk, making it easily absorbed by the non-intellect (pedicab driver, patrol officer, the driver angkotan, etc.).

A regular ludruk show starts with Remo Dance performances interspersed with character memerakan “Mr. Sakera”, master Madura.

Kartolo is a legendary comedian ludruk of Surabaya, East Java. He has more than 40 years in the art world ludruk. Kartolo name and distinctive voice, jokes are innocent and intelligent, is known almost all of East Java, Central Java.

Ludruk different from Ketoprak of Central Java. Ketoprak stories are often taken from the ancient story (history or fairy tales), and specific message. While ludruk tells the story of everyday life (generally) “grass roots”.

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