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About Us



Bangjo is a synonym from “AbangIjo” means RED and GREEN, also it means “traffic light” on a crossroad. This phrase is very popular among People of Central Java and Yogyakarta.

Rules of Life, one thing that we must understand, realize and comprehend at most. And one of my favorites are “We have to knew, when to go….when to be aware….and when to stop….

We started using Bangjo since August 2007 … why August …??? Since it is a good time for the birth Bangjo, August was the month the birth of our country. We want to do much for the Indonesian tourism with a vengeance so we are committed to working hard in this business in the Indonesian tourism minister participated. And since November 1, 2009 we started doing business in the field of tourism with a Bangjo Tours and use domain => bangjotours.com.

We realize that many people want to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia and its cultural wealth, and we will deliver well to achieve satisfaction in travel.
We have prepared several package tours to visit some areas of interest for your visit, please select your desired fit.
And have a network with many good hotels and pleasant place to rest. And many options to guide drive you around in your tour.
And still many others who serve for our special travel in your vacation.

Take a trip in Indonesia will be a lifetime of memories.

How often do you say aloud, “I would love to see Sunrise at Mount Bromo, one day …” or “My dream in life is to see the Komodo dragon”? Now you can stop talking about it and do it! You can look at places in Indonesia where the legend was born. See places you only dream of or have seen in the picture. We make it easy to have your travel dreams into reality, with a planning expert and best resources in the field of tourism! Yes, now you can travel worry-free and the adventure of a lifetime!

“Indonesia is a country rich in culture and nature are so beautiful, creating millions of inspiration for everyone”

We have several packages to accommodate almost any need, or you can let us make their own travel package. Contact us to find out more about these and other packages, or let us know where you want to go and we can create the right tour package according to your order !