Mount Merapi Museum

Mount Merapi Museum

Mount Merapi in the museum we will obtain information about Mount Merapi to supplement the knowledge of all of us. Located on Jl. Boyong, Harjobinangun village, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Inaugurated its opening on October 1, 2009.

Museum Volcano can be used as a means of education, aspects of information dissemination Holy Mountain gift specific disasters and geological is a recreation-education for the community to provide insight and understanding of the scientific aspects, as well as social, cultural and others associated with volcanoes and sources another of geological disasters. Volcano museum is expected to be an alternative solution as a very important tool and potential as a center for information services gift of the Holy Mountain in an effort to educate the public life, as well as the media in raising awareness and public awareness about the benefits and dangers of volcanic eruptions and other geological disasters.

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