Mpu Tantular Museum

Mpu Tantular Museum

Mpu Tantular Museum

Mpu Tantular MuseumMuseum of Mpu Tantular is a continuation of Stedelijh Historisch Museum Surabaya, founded by Godfried Hariowald Von Faber 1933. Initially this is just showing off his collection agency, in a small space in Readhuis Ketabang. The generosity of a widow named Han Tjong King, the museum moved to Tegal Road Sariyang have larger buildings. Over time, the observers took the initiative to move the museum to the museum a more appropriate location, housed at the Youth No Way. 3 Surabaya. inaugurated on June 25, 1937.

After the death of Von Faber, museums managed by the Public Education Foundation supported the Ministry of Education and Culture. Museum opened to the public on May 23, 1972 under the name Museum of East Java. February 13, 1974 the museum turned into a museum country status, which was inaugurated on November 1, 1974 with the name of the Museum of East Java Province. With increasing collections, the museum requires a larger area, until finally on August 12, 1977, formally museum occupies a new location, at Jalan Taman Mayangkara 6 Surabaya. As he got older, the museum’s collection grows, so does the number of cultural educational activity carried on in the museum. Thus requiring a larger location, the end date of May 14, 2004 re-opened museum occupies land in Sidoarjo, the Road Buduran, Buduran District, Sidoarjo regency.

Featured Collections

  • Telephone Table
    Metal (bronze). Consists of two parts, the first to speak while the others to listen. The phone was made around the table type XVIII century AD
  • Shimponion
    German origin of the eighteenth century AD These musical instruments including classical music, do not use electricity, but manually by way of playing.
  • Wooden bike
    Is the oldest form of bicycle was created by Michael Kesler a German in 1766.
  • Garnish Garudeya
    Discovered by Seger in 1989, in the village of Plaosan, district. Wates, Kab. Kediri. This ornament is made of 22 carat gold with a total weight of 1.163.09 g. Judging from the relief, the possibility of this ornament is a relic of the XII-XIII century AD This thing is a souvenir from the King of Siam to the King Airlangga.
  • Surya Stambha
    This collection is a collection of rare masterpiece from the East Nusa Tenggara and is called by the name “Solar Stambha”.
  • Durga Mahesasuramardhini
    Origin of the temple Jawi, Makati. Has eight arms that illustrates the power and magic power that can defeat durga asura (giant).
  • Steam Motorcycle
    Invented by a German citizen named Gottlien Daimler, run by steam power. Motorcycle type was first produced by the factory “Und Hildebrand Wolfmüller”, Muenchen (Germany) in 1885 with a maximum speed reached 30km/jam.
  • High Bicycle
    Invented by a British citizen, James Starley and William Hilman, who received a patent in 1970. Often called “Ariel” which means the bike is made of metal.

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