Puppet Museum


Puppet Museum

The building which looks unique and interesting has undergone renovation several times. This building was originally named De Oude Hollandsche Kerk (Old Dutch Church“) and the first built in 1640. In 1732 repaired and renamed De Hollandse Nieuwe Kerk (New Church Netherlands) until 1808 due to destroyed by an earthquake in the same year , Debris on the ground it is built puppet museum building and its use as a museum inaugurated on August 13, 1975. Although it has been restored several old and new parts of the church still looks looks in this building.

Puppet Museum displaying various types and forms of puppets from all over Indonesia, both made of wood and leather and other materials. Puppets from abroad there is also here, for example, of the People’s Republic of China and Cambodia. Until now Puppet Museum collects more than 4,000 puppets, consisting of shadow puppets, puppet show, puppet cardboard, puppets grass, coconut puppets, masks, dolls, puppets and gamelan beber. Generally dolls that were collected in this museum are dolls from Europe even though some are derived from nonEuropean countries such as Thailand, Suriname, China, Vietnam, India and Colombia.

Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No.27, DKI Jakarta 11110, Indonesia.

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