Trowulan Museum

Trowulan Museum

Trowulan Museum

Trowulan Museum is located in the archaeological museum Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. Trowulan museum was built to store a variety of artifacts and archaeological evidence found around Trowulan.

Trowulan MuseumTrowulan Museum is one of Indonesia’s most important historic sites associated with the history of the kingdom of Majapahit. Most of the collection of the Museum Trowulan is derived from the Majapahit kingdom, but the collection also includes various eras of history in East Java, as the kingdom Kahuripan, Karachi, and Singasari.

Trowulan Museum is located on the western edge of the pool Segaran. Trowulan Museum is a museum has a collection of relics from the age of Majapahit in Indonesia complete. Trowulan new museum officially opened in 1987. The building of this museum covers a land area of 57 625 square meters, this building holds a collection of old Trowulan Museum and various stone statues that were previously stored in the Museum Mojokerto.

Construction of the new museum has been put forward in this area and this location has been proposed to become a UNESCO World Heritage area.

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