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Karang Agung Beach

The Karang Agung Beach location is located in the village Argopeni, Ayah district, Kebumen regency, Central Java.

Karang Agung Beach

The beach is noticeably different from other beaches in Central Java. Here there is a high rock and huge stands firmly separated from the mainland, into a unique identity on Karang Agung beach.

The sand on the beach is not so much, not like the other beaches. Here are dominated by small stones scattered about. It still does not detract from the beauty of the beach.

Karang Agung Beach


Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung Beach is located in the village of Tanjung Jaya subdistrict of Pandeglang district Panimbang Banten province. Position is located in the west of Pandeglang district and has an area of approximately 150 hectares. A distance of 160 km or approximately 3 hour journey from Jakarta.

Tanjung Lesung 01

Tanjung Lesung Beach have variations lodging accommodations are quite diverse. You can stay at the inn and home stay at affordable rate or you stay at the hotel and resort on the edge of the beautiful beach of Tanjung Lesung valuable to millions of rupiah per night. Indeed, the best view in this area is located at the site of this luxury property.

Tanjung Lesung 02

The activities that you can do in this beautiful coastal region are:

  • Enjoy the sunset on the beach. Sunset in Tanjung Lesung mentioned the best. Due to the angle of the sun angle “sink” behind the child of Krakatoa, truly an amazing sight.
  • Water sport. There are canoes, banana boats and jet skis and other water games. Even you can also swim at the beach this very clear.
  • Watching the fire dance performances and martial arts Debus from Banten famous, performed by a team of local artists in the coastal area of Tanjung Lesung.
  • Snorkeling and Diving. Take your time with a visit to the Liwungan island. The best thing that you do there is a dive enjoy the coral reefs, snorkel beach about and enjoy the beauty of the child of Krakatoa in the distance. And in the afternoon, thousands of gulls fly is an amazing sight.
  • Seafood party. Taste delicious cuisine in the restaurant-seafood restaurant located on the edge pantaim, most restaurants there, selling delicious seafood as a menu mainstay.

Tanjung Lesung 03


Nihiwatu Beach

Nihiwatu Beach, location is located in the direction of 30 km from Kota Waikabubak, West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Nihiwatu beach has many awards from international media for its beauty. CNN confers Nihiwatu Beach became the 17th best beach in the World, Community Surfing waves in the world to name Nihiwatu with Left God Wafes for Nihiwatu Beach has the world’s fastest waves.


Much can be done in Turkish Nihiwatu but relax and play sand, there could be riding the horse Sumba, surfing, sunbathing with privacy was guarded. Nihiwatu Beach to surf in any existing rules. In order to maintain the safety and comfort, a maximum of 9 people are allowed to surf on this Nihiwatu Beach.

Nihiwatu beach is managed by Resort International, with world-class management to make this beach like a private beach for guests only from Nihiwatu Resort (www.nihiwatu.com) are able to enjoy the beauty of this beach.



Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach or Pulang Sawal Beach is one of the exciting and exotic beaches are in the area of Gunung Kidul. Initially, this beach is known for Indrayanti Beach. The mention of the name of the previous Indrayanti Beach reaping a lot of controversy. Indrayanti not the name of the beach, but the name of the owner of the cafe and restaurant. Due Indrayanti name that appeared on the nameplate beach cafe and restaurants, eventually people call this beach by name Indrayanti Beach. While the government named this beach by beach name Pulang Syawal. However Indrayanti name much more popular and more commonly referred to than Pulang Syawal. The involvement of the private sector in the management of Turkish Indrayanti apparently helped bring positive impact. Unlike the other beaches are rather dirty, along the shoreline Indrayanti looks clean and free of litter.

Indrayanti Beach 01

Like most tourist attractions, on the beach Indrayanti there are many hotels, bungalow on a hill with a panoramic view of the beach, as well as the usual specialty that can be used for overnight. The fares are varied, from the price of Rp. 100,000, – to Rp. 350.000, – / night based on the type of lodging and day stay. If you come during the holidays of course the price will be more expensive when compared to other days.

Indrayanti Beach is located in 47 km south of the center of Yogyakarta, precisely in the Village Sidoharjo, District Tepus, Gunung Kidul Regency. The beach is adjacent to Sundak and Somandeng located on the western side.

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Indrayanti Beach 02

In Indrayanti Beach area is lined beach beautiful coast with waves big enough typical South Beach. You will be very grateful to the beach Indrayanti, because the unique beauty treats Tepus countryside and scenery are very intriguing karst hills will accompany you throughout the trip.

Photo by Kwicaksono


Wakatobi Beach

Wakatobi is also the name of a national park which is set in 1996, with a total area of 1.39 million hectares, involving marine biodiversity, scale and condition of coral which occupies one of the highest priority position of marine conservation in Indonesia.

Wakatobi Beach

In this park there is a panoramic view of the beauty of the underwater world that has 25 pieces of coral reef. Coral reefs can be found around 112 species of 13 families located at 25 points along the 600 km coastline.

In addition to the beauty that is presented by a wide range of coral reefs, the park also has a variety of fish species. Fish species richness of this national park which is owned as many as 93 species of food fish and ornamental fish trade.

For tourists who love the beauty of the underwater world can do some activities in Wakatobi National Park, such as diving, snorkeling and swimming to see the beautiful coral reefs and a variety of underwater animals and also witnessed various local culture.

Hoga Island (Resort Kaledupa), Binongko Island (Resort Binongko) and Resort Tamia is an attractive location to visit, especially for diving, snorkeling, marine tours, swimming, camping, and cultural tourism.

Wakatobi Resort

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Red Island Beach

Red Island is located on the beach in the village of Sumberagung, District Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. It takes about three hours to get to this beach from downtown Banyuwangi. What is special about this beach is the view as the sun begins to set and the sky turns orange. Many commented that the Red Island Beach has a characteristic like most beaches in Brazil and got his nickname as Kuta East Java.



In addition to sit back and relax to enjoy the beach, other activities you can do here is surfing because this beach has become world-class surfing destination on the island of Java. You only need to pay 25 thousand to 50 thousand rupiah to hire a surfboard that has been provided by the manager. Surf conditions here which reaches a height of 4 to 5 meters is suitable for surfers of different levels.

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Balekambang Beach


Balekambang beach is a beach on the south coast which is located on the shores of the Indonesian Ocean administratively entrance area Source Jambe Hamlet, Village Srigonco, District Bantur, Malang, East Java, and is one of the mainstay tourism Malang district since 1985 until now. Balekambang main appeal of natural scenery, waves extending nearly two kilometers, as well as the vast expanse of sand nan. White sand area looks clean of trash and dirt so it is quite convenient for visitors to play and exercise.

Around Turkish Balekambang also available lodging for visitors. The first is at the Bamboo there are 8 rooms. While most recently the Hotel Wibisana as many as 10 rooms, the quality is better than the inn Bamboo. For large category can accommodate up to six people with the support of bathroom facilities and electricity. Two types of these lodgings have adequate facilities and fully presenting a direct view beaches and the open sea.

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Bingin Beach

Bali’s southern region is synonymous with white sandy beaches, one of which Bingin Beach. Attraction of this beach is located in Pecatu Village, south of Kuta, Badung. Approximately 32km from Denpasar direction, after the Dreamland beach. Being a coastline with beach Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin beach after beach fields. So if you take a package tour and likes the beach in here that track.

Beautiful beaches like this Bingin become an idol for tourists who love the tranquility and beauty more. Nature picture beautiful enough to make you amazed. Travelers who love to surf will make it a special place, because the waves are quite tempting. To complete your Bali tour, do not miss this beach.

Bingin Beach

Coastal areas Bingin is still beautiful, the main feature of the beaches in the area is rough on the beach as in the south, the natural atmosphere pure by high waves up to 4 meters, will be the target for a surfer or fan of surfing, Bingin beach sand directly adjacent to the cliffs, thus presenting a special scenery, especially people like selfie, then plan your tour to this place.

Access roads to the location to the beach attraction Bingin beach is indeed quite difficult quite difficult, steep and winding streets. Probably because of the thrill of this trip and the beauty and the beautiful coral reef make now much visited especially by surfers. To reach the beach, visitors must descend the staircase, and finally your efforts paid off after witnessing its beauty.

If you want to vacation and tourism in Bali, take time to stop by this location, away from the bustle of human like other beaches, full of tranquility with fresh air coast, is a natural therapy for the mind to become more fresh, even if you do not like sports surfing, you can see them dancing on the waves, because the beach is shallow enough you can get to snorkel or swim, the perfection of nature are increasingly felt before sunset / sunset.

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