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Sembilan beach on Gili Genting

Gili Genting island is located in Sumenep, Madura, East Java. Blue sea, clear water beaches, white sand with a gentle breeze blowing a blend very beautifully and harmoniously for anyone dreaming of a vacation with a quiet atmosphere.

Pantai Sembilan 01

For existing public facilities in Sembilan beach until now still not available Home Stay and lodging for travelers. So, if you want a vacation to the beach Nine is not advisable to spend the night there unless they bring tents to set up around the beach with family or friends.

Pantai Sembilan 02

Source: Pulau Madura dotcom


Watu Karung Beach

Pay a visit to the Watu Karung beach, then you will not feel disappointed. The preservation of nature and the cleanliness of the beach that is still relatively quite natural. In Watu Karung beach located in areas Pringkutung, Pacitan offers world-class waves for surf lovers, waves capable of reaching a height of 4 meters. With the waves were very nice no wonder the kind of world class surfers world champion Bruce Irons keen to try surfing here. Thanks to Bruce and his picture of surfing at Watu Karung made the cover of one of the leading international magazine WAVES, a lot of waves and surfing lovers who became interested and came to this beautiful place. for those who love with fishing seems Watu Karung is worth a try.


In addition to its world-class waves, Watu Karung also has the charm of extraordinary beauty also has a very clean beach and blue sea water. Its sand is white sand. Rows of coral lined add to the beauty of this beach. besides these things there are also green trees complement the beauty of the elements from this place. Do not worry though for those of you who want to play on the beach, because the big waves will be just a stop on the shoreline and will not drag you out to sea, so you can quietly playing with sand on the Watu Karung beach.



Nglirip Waterfall

Nglirip Waterfall

Nglirip WaterfallNglirip waterfall or known Grajagan Nglirip by the surrounding community has a height of approximately 30 meters and 28 meters wide with clear water flow so swift. Behind the waterfall also be found a cave large enough that supposedly often used meditation to seek knowledge.

Source waterfall springs comes from several springs in the area of Forest Krawak within approximately 3 km of the location and fused in a building sluice which is above the waterfall.

Situated in Jojogan, Mulyoagung Village, District Singgahan, Tuban, East Java Province.

Located about 36 km from the city center of Tuban. It is also not far from the highway that is paved so it is not difficult to achieve by private vehicle or public transportation.

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Jagir Waterfall

Situated in Banyuwangi, East Java, Jagir Waterfall that are relatively easy to reach and is situated in the hamlet of Kampung Anyar, Taman Suruh, Glagah. Here, visitors will enjoy three waterfalls at once in one place.

This waterfall water flow is widened, so that it appears there are two or three waterfalls at a single point. No wonder this waterfall becomes the center of attention of visitors. Most visitors spend a lot of time to shower, swim or take pictures. Do not worry about clothes wet, waterfall in Kampung Anyar locations have facilities changing stations and public toilets are quite representative. Meanwhile, if after the play, feel rumbling stomach, food vendors there and the price is relatively cheap.

The high source and the rock cliffs, making the sound of water flowing from a height of about 50 meters is felt flushed hard. We can also enjoy the thrill of the water is clear and fresh under the waterfall.

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Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo waterfall 84 meters high as it comes from springs Cemoro Dudo. Coban Rondo waterfall is opened to the public since 1980. The classic Panorama tejun water wrapped in natural beauty and refined with mountain air is still very natural.

The origin of Coban Rondo Waterfall originates from a romance newlyweds named Dewi Anjarwati from Mount Kawi and Raden Baron Kusuma from Mount Anjasmoro. The age of marriage to 36 days, Goddess Anjarwati invited him to visit his in-laws in Mount Anjasmoro. However, based on the Javanese custom that the bride is still the age of 36 days has not been allowed to leave the house too much. Therefore, they are forbidden to go to Mount Anjarwati by parents of Raden Baron.

Coban Rondo

However, they insist will visit Mount Anjasmoro with all the risks that exist. On the way suddenly appeared Joko Lelono which turned captivated by the beauty of the Goddess Anjarwati. Finally Raden Baron ordered his men to hide the goddess Anjarwati to a location where there Waterfall (in the Java language called Coban). Raden Baron and Joko Lelono great fight until they fall. As a result of the death of her husband Dewi Anjarwati, then they were transferred to Janda (in Javanese: Rondo). Since then the waterfall is called Coban Rondo waterfall.

For those who are interested to come to this beautiful waterfall please come to the village Pandansari, Pujon, about 12 KM from Kota Batu, Malang, East Java.

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Surabaya Heritage city tour

Surabaya City is a city of heroes. Its history is so interesting to know and relics of the old buildings are still standing strong today. Helpful for all of us to better know more about the history of the city of Surabaya and its origin. We could drive around to enjoy it thoroughly with a bus Surabaya Heritage Track provided by Museum House of Sampoerna.

There are two kinds of tours in Surabaya Heritage Track that the tour short and long tours. Short tours are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the House of Sampoerna – Tugu Pahlawan – PT Perkebunan Nusantara XI – House of Sampoerna. Short tours will be pursued during 1-1.5 hours. While the length of the tour is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday are reached within 1.5-2 hours with the House of Sampoerna – Tunjungan-Central City / Garden Solar – Art Building East Java – House of Sampoerna. Inside the bus, the tour guides will explain the history of the city of Surabaya and places impassable. Tour participants are also allowed to ask questions. If in the company of foreign tourists, the tour guide will explain also in English.

There are 3 stages bus departure, for the weekend:

  1. Jam 9:00 pm route: Youth Center, City Hall, and De Javesche Bank
  2. 13:00 pm 2.Jam route: Tugu Pahlawan, GNI (National Building Indonesia), and PTPN XI
  3. 15:00 pm 3.Jam route: Ex Keraton Surabaya, City Hall, and Cak Durasim.

As for the bus schedule Weekdays:

  1. Jam 9:00 pm route: Tugu Pahlawan and PTPN XI
  2. 13:00 pm 2.Jam route: Hokan Kiong temple and Escompto Bank
  3. 15:00 pm 3.Jam route: The post office Kebon rojo, Kepanjen Church, and De Javesche Bank.

Before or after the tour following the Surabaya Heritage Track, you should get into the museum House of Sampoerna. Inside the museum contains antiques belonging to the family when starting up Sampoerna cigarette factory in Surabaya until it was sold to Phillip Morris. There is a tobacco cutting machine up to vintage cars. On the second floor of the museum there is a shop that sells a variety of souvenirs such as key chains, T-shirts, pins, etc. Even on weekdays, from the second floor is limited by a glass wall, you can see the cigarette rollers legendary Djie Sam Soe was working on the first floor.


Red Island Beach

Red Island is located on the beach in the village of Sumberagung, District Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. It takes about three hours to get to this beach from downtown Banyuwangi. What is special about this beach is the view as the sun begins to set and the sky turns orange. Many commented that the Red Island Beach has a characteristic like most beaches in Brazil and got his nickname as Kuta East Java.



In addition to sit back and relax to enjoy the beach, other activities you can do here is surfing because this beach has become world-class surfing destination on the island of Java. You only need to pay 25 thousand to 50 thousand rupiah to hire a surfboard that has been provided by the manager. Surf conditions here which reaches a height of 4 to 5 meters is suitable for surfers of different levels.

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Sempu Island, Malang

Sempu Island is a small island that is still in one location with the Blue Spring Beach, precisely in the Village Tambakrejo, District Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang. The island is under the auspices of the Natural Resources Conservation Center.

At first officially since 1928, Sempu island is a nature reserve which has a variety of ecosystems such as coastal forests, mangrove forests, and lowland tropical forests.


But the longer, many nature lovers who visit Blue Spring Beach Sempu do camping on the island with a cross using boats of the fishermen. Which makes it special is Sempu island lagoon Segara Anakan contained in the island. Segara Anakan To achieve this you must do the tracking for two hours through the forest and steep road.

This trip will pay off once you see the white sand with a super clear blue water and coral formations that protect Segara Anakan. The sea water here is very calm so safe to use swim. To maintain the beauty of this island is expected you will not throw lacquer and damage the existing ecosystem.

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