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Mount Merapi Museum

Mount Merapi in the museum we will obtain information about Mount Merapi to supplement the knowledge of all of us. Located on Jl. Boyong, Harjobinangun village, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Inaugurated its opening on October 1, 2009.

Museum Volcano can be used as a means of education, aspects of information dissemination Holy Mountain gift specific disasters and geological is a recreation-education for the community to provide insight and understanding of the scientific aspects, as well as social, cultural and others associated with volcanoes and sources another of geological disasters. Volcano museum is expected to be an alternative solution as a very important tool and potential as a center for information services gift of the Holy Mountain in an effort to educate the public life, as well as the media in raising awareness and public awareness about the benefits and dangers of volcanic eruptions and other geological disasters.


Krakatoa Mountain

Krakatoa is a volcanic island that is still active and is located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra are included in conservation areas. This name was ever pinned on a volcanic peak over there (Krakatoa), which disappear due to eruption itself on 26-27 August 1883. The eruption was so powerful; hot clouds and the resulting tsunami killed about 36,000 people. Up until December 26, 2004, this is the most powerful tsunami in the Indian Ocean region. Cracking noise was heard up in Alice Springs, Australia and the island of Rodrigues near Africa, 4,653 kilometers. Yield is estimated at 30,000 times the atomic bomb that was detonated on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Krakatau eruption caused global climate change. KrakatoaThe world was dark for two and a half days due to volcanic ash that covered the atmosphere. The sun is shining dim until next year. Scattering of dust in the sky Norway to New York.

Noted that the eruption of Krakatoa was the first major disaster in the world after the discovery of the underwater telegraph. Progress is, unfortunately, has not been matched by progress in the field of geology. The geologist was not even able to give an explanation of these eruptions. Mount Krakatoa erupted, the tremors felt to Europe.

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Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is the biggest crater lake in Java. The sulfur crater lake lies between a natural dams of deeply etched rock. It is 200 meters deep and contains about 36million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in a smelling swirling sulfur cloud. Inside the crater the different color and size of stones are found. Indeed the crater of Ijen is beautiful garden of stone as well.

The view of sulfur miners who climb and go down to the crater is also amazing. A man puts about 10 kg of yellowish stone in to his basket, before he descends the mountain slope to sell his load, carrying the same basket, going in the same direction, digging the same mineral. It is the natural picture that can be seen everyday.


  1. Bromo Ijen Bali Overland

  2. Jogja Bromo Ijen Bali Overland


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Surabaya-Bandung Overland

Gedung Sate BandungDAY-01 Surabaya Arrival – Mount Bromo

  • Arrival Meet and greet service at the Airport Surabaya
  • Sightseeing drive to Mount Bromo that is 5 hours drive
  • On arrival Bromo, proceed to the hotel for Check in
  • Room CAFÉ LAVA or similar

DAY-02 Mount Bromo – Mount Ijen

  • 03.30 stand by at the lobby
  • Jeep pick up and drive excursion Sun Rise to Pananjakan
  • Pananjakan is the highest place used to be lip of the volcano
  • Sun Rise is about 05.15
  • Drive to Bromo volcano through savanna
  • Trekking 2 KM reach the crater
  • Back to Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Break and shower
  • Hotel Check out, drive to Mount Ijen
  • Room CATIMOR or similar


  • Breakfast Box
  • Morning drive to base camp
  • Trekking to Mount Ijen (3 KM one way)
  • 10.00 schedule arrival back at the base camp
  • Drive to Kalibaru
  • Plantation Tour at Kalibaru villages
  • Room KALIBARU COTTAGES or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Drive to Malang via Lumajang
  • Stop at beautiful Bridge Geladak Perak
  • Proceed down town Malang city
  • Room MONTANA or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Malang Tour visit Jago, Kidal and Singosari Temple.
  • Also visit to the south  beach of Malang called Bale Kambang
  • Afterwards drive to Batu Apple plantation
  • Room ASIDA HOTEL or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Morning Apple plantation tour
  • Drive to Sarangan Lake
  • On the way visit Coban Rondo water falls
  • Overnight SARANGAN COTTAGES or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Then drive to Sukuh Temple
  • Drive to Seramang via Solo
  • Room HOTEL BALI or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Semarang City Tour visit Sam Poo Kong temple
  • Then Drive to Dieng Plateau
  • Room HOTEL BIMO or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Drive to Pangandaran Beach
  • Room SINAR RAHAYU 2 or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Morning eadventure to Green Canyon
  • Drive to Bandung
  • Room CIHAMPELAS 2 or similar

Pasopati BridgeDAY-11 BANDUNG

  • Breakfast
  • Full day Bandung Tour
  • Tangkuban Prahu and Ciater Hot Spring
  • Afternoon Enjoy Angklung performance
  • Room CIHAMPELAS 2 or similar


  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to the airport for flight to the next destination


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The International Rinjani Mountain Climbing

Mount RinjaniThe International Rinjani Mountain Climbing event in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), is scheduled in July 2010, with more foreign mountain climbers taking part. “I have several times coordinated preparations of the international event in Jakarta, and this time its schedule has been set in July 2010,” Head of the NTB Cultural and Tourism Agency Lalu Gita Ariadi said here Tuesday. Ariadi said the organizers of the international event was set up by the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Natural Conservation (PHKA), of the Forestry Ministry.

Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mt Kerinci (3,800 meters) in Sumatra, and has become very popular to local and foreign tourists. The geo-tourism potentials include the beautiful cauldron, lake, peak, waterfalls, hot springs, caves, erruption history, blast-hole and new lava flow, and has therefore been suggested to become the first geopark in Indonesia. The 3,726 meters high volcano had been suggested to be developed into Indonesia`s first geopark, or one of the 54 geoparks in 17 countries of the world.

Since placed under the management of RTMB, Rinjani had been several time been given national and international awards like the World Agency Award 2004 and the Tourism For Tomorrow Awards in 2006 and 2008. The Rinjani Mountain Climbing will be started in mid-April to early in December, depending on weather conditions. The route of the climb will reach Lake Segara Anak, by two routes namely the Senaru climb in 7-10 hours on foot covering eight kilometers, and Sembalun route in 8-10 hours. Visitors who are already at Pelawangan would still need 4-5 hours to reach the peak of Rinjani through the climbing routes in forests.

Source: ANTARA News www.antara.co.id


Mount Tangkuban Parahu

Tangkuban PerahuTangkuban Parahu or Tangkuban Perahu is one of the mountain located in the province of West Java, Indonesia. Approximately 20 km to the north of Bandung, with a lush carpet of pine trees and tea plantations in the surrounding mountains have Tangkuban Parahu high altitude 2084 meters. The shape of this mountain is the center of eruption Stratovulcano who moved from east to west. Rock type issued by the eruption of lava and most of the sulfur, a mineral which is issued sulfur sulfur, a mineral that was issued when the mountain is not active sulfur vapor. Boat Tangkuban area managed by the Corporation of Forestry. The average temperature is 17oC daily at noon and 2 oC at night.

Parahu Tangkuban have Dipterokarp forest hill, forest Upper Dipterokarp, Montane forest, and forest or forest Ericaceous mountain.

Legend of the local people

The origins of Parahu Tangkuban legends associated with Sangkuriang, narrated in love with her mother, Dayang Sumbi. To thwart her intentions to marry her, Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang proposed requirement to make a boat overnight. When his efforts failed, Sangkuriang angry and kicked the boat, which landed upside down. This boat is then formed Tangkuban Parahu.

Tangkuban Parahu include active volcano whose status is monitored by the Indonesian Directorate of Volcanology. Some kawahnya still show signs of mountain activities. Among the signs of this volcano is the emergence of sulfur gases and the sources of hot water in the mountains of which are in the location Ciater, Subang.

The existence of this mountain topography and shape of the Bandung basin with hills and mountains on each side to strengthen the theory of the existence of a lake (crater) is now a major area of Bandung. It is believed by geologists that the plateau region Bandung with altitude approximately 709 m above sea level is the remains of ancient volcanic eruptions known as Mount Sunda and Parahu Tangkuban Mountain is the remnant of ancient Sundanese are still active. This phenomenon can be seen on Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait area and Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania, Africa. Sangkuriang legends so that the region’s public story is believed to be a public document sunda Mountain area early to the event at that time.

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Mount Semeru

SemeruMount Semeru is the highest volcano in Java, with a peak Mahameru, 3676 meters above sea level (mdpl). The crater at the peak of Mount Semeru known Jonggring Saloko.

The position of this mountain region located between the administration and Lumajang Regency, East Java with a geographic position between 8 ° 06 ‘S and 120 ° 55’ E.

In the year 1913 and 1946 crater dome Jonggring Saloka has a height of 3744.8 M until the end of November 1973. Adjacent to the south, the dome crater edge to break the flow of lava toward the south side of the area include the Pronojiwo and Lumajang Candipuro.

At the peak of Mount Semeru (top Mahameru) climbers are advised to not to Jonggring Saloko crater, also prohibited from ascending the south side, because of the poisonous gas and lava flows. Mahameru dipuncak temperature ranges from 4 to 10 degrees Celsius, at the peak of the dry season minus 0 degrees Celsius, and found ice crystals. The weather is often foggy, especially at lunch, afternoon and evening. The wind, the month of December to January is often a storm.

Wedus  Gembel eruption every 15-30 minutes at the peak of Semeru mountain is still active. In November 1997 Mount Semeru erupted 2990 times as much. At noon the wind to the summit, to avoid it came in the afternoon peak, because the poisonous gas and the explosion led to the summit.

The eruption of white smoke, gray to black with the eruption of 300-800 meters high. Material that came out on every eruption of ash, sand, gravel, stones and even hot burning very dangerous if the climber is too close. In early 1994 the hot lava streaming down the southern slope Gn.Semeru and asked several casualties, hot river scenery, winding toward the sea has become a very interesting spectacle.

The mountain is entered in the National Park area Bromo Tengger Semeru. This National Park consists of mountains and valleys covering 50,273.3 hectares. There are several mountains in the Caldera Gn.Tengger among others; Gn.Bromo (2.392m) Mt. Batok (2.470m) Gn.Kursi (2.581 m) Gn.Watangan (2.662m) Gn.Widodaren (2.650m). There are four lakes (ranu): Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Darungan.

Flora in the Region of Mount Semeru diverse species but many dominated by pine, acacia, pine, and the type of Jamuju. As for the plants dominated by Kirinyuh, reeds, tembelekan, harendong and white Edelwiss, there is lots of Edelwiss on the slopes toward the Sumeru Peak. And also found several species of orchids endemic to living in the surrounding South Semeru.

Many of fauna which inhabit the mountain Sumeru, among others: Tiger Beetles, Budeng, Luwak, Kijang, Kancil, etc.. While in there Kumbolo Ranu Belibis wild living.


Kesodo ceremony on Mount Bromo

Mount BromoTengger area is a cluster of towering mountain areas between 1700-2000 m above sea level. These areas are the villages in the hills surrounding the valley of Mount Bromo as its center. In the Tengger indigenous communities is an important part of life. Adat is well maintained because it serves as a regulator of social life and beliefs. Many among the tales they tell the story about the origins of ceremonies and mountains scattered around Mount Bromo. Customs and religion have become part of the Tengger people’s lives from time to time. Roro Anteng and Joko Seger who desires offspring One of the big ceremony Tengger people who are known by the people of Indonesia is Kesodo ceremony held every year in the twelve months according to a count pranatamangsa Tengger society. According to legend, the ceremony begins Roro and Joko Seger anteng that children crave. They had long since married, but had also blessed with a single child. On a night when Joko Seger was busy pleading bersamadi blessing to the gods, he saw a light burning in the distance. Joko Seger took his wife immediately went to the light because he thought the light would have come from the gods who descended to earth. Having arrived at the place of light, it appeared that the light coming from the light of the crater of Mount Bromo. Although slightly disappointed not to meet with the gods, but a husband and wife was sworn in front of the crater of Mount kelang Beromo that if the gods or Hong Pukulon their grant and they have children and as many as 25 people living all, the youngest child will given up into the crater of Mount Bromo. Oaths are they meant as an expression of gratitude for them both. Apparently a few months later really gods grant their request, because the symptoms seem that Roro anteng will soon have a son. Finally terkabullah their application, have children as many as 25 people who all healthy. Children and Joko Seger anteng Roro was almost nearly mature, but Joko Seger or the Tengger forget the first word, ie sacrificing the youngest son. At one point a neighbor of the Tengger dream, if the Tengger not immediately fulfill its promise, then the whole area will be hit by the disaster and doom all families of the Tengger will be finished. Then the neighbors are telling a dream to the Tengger. The Tengger and his wife was shocked. They will remember their first appointment. The Tengger and his wife very saddened hearts, they feel sorry for the fate of their youngest child. Apparently, their youngest child named Kesumo had overheard the conversation between the neighbors and his father. Kesumo think, if so his first appointment to the gods, then the promise must be kept. Kesumo willing to sacrifice for the safety of local people and their families. With a steady heart dikemukakannyalah meant to his father and mother. Just for that he begged Kesumo sacrificed on Mount Bromo crater right in the middle of the night full moon full moon on 15 subsidy. He requested that all the people in the area to the crater Bromo mengiringkannya to run a funeral as promised by her father. That is one legend that tells of the origin of the ceremony in the community Kesada Tengger. There is still this kind of story that tells the origin Kesada ceremony, which is the story of the White Dadap Kyai Gede who have an adopted daughter, named Princess Tiban. When the daughter has grown into a teenage girl who Canti, there came a man named Kyai Ben ask for her hand. Proposal was rejected by the Princess Tiban. Because pinangannya rejected, Kyai Ben flew into a rage. Princess Tiban not be condemned to a soul mate forever. The curse is come true. Until Tiban elderly lady still did not get a mate. Finally, at the direction of the White Dadap Kyai magic, Princess Tiban mersamadi ordered to ask the gods blessed with children. His request was dikabulan by gods. Princess Tiban blessed with 25 children, but because of the weight to support a child suffering a lot of it, Princess Tiban ask the gods to avoid extreme poverty. In return for the sacrifice of Princess Tiban promised one of his children to be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo. Petition Princess Tiban apparently granted by the gods, and life began to improve, to avoid poverty. Finally with a heavy sense of sacrifice Princess Tiban one of her children entered into the crater of Mount Bromo. Furthermore Tengger people and our children and grandchildren the day Princess Tiban menganang victims as a warning and a sign of gratitude to the gods. The development indicates that the victim then began equipped and replaced by sacrificing some of the crops and domesticated livestock. Victims are held in each month Kesada. Bromo TempleOn the day Kesada the most important ceremonies, the ceremonies and the inauguration ceremony of the test and Shaman chiefs. The young shaman Shamans tested by the Head Center (Chairman Shaman) based in Ngadisari. The victims of Bromo crater dilabuh to include livestock such as chickens and goats. In addition, there is also a result melabuh money and planting. The most anchored the seed potatoes because potatoes are a lot of plants found in Tengger. Kesada ceremony began on the morning of the potent Mount Bromo. Shaman senior assisted by shamans of the entire Probolinggo regency, Lumajang, Malang and Pasuruan start burning incense and menguyubkan will Kesada ceremony. After meditation, addressed to Hyang Supreme Court, the spirits and the gods, so did all the things dilabuh victim into the crater of Mount Bromo. In addition to people who come to sacrifice to Mount Bromo, there are many people who came there to do skelter, which is collecting items for their use dilabuh or taken home. If after the goods dilabuh victims, the pemarit running down the crater to pick up harbor. This is not forbidden by the customary chief. In fact, it was thought that the seed potatoes taken from lahuban will grow more fertile than normal seeds. Kesada ceremony began at the sky to the east visible light, which is about 04.30 hours and ended dawn the next morning. A society that will follow the ceremony had already left early, in droves to the potent the starting ceremony.