Tanjung Setia Beach, West Lampung

Tanjung Setia Beach, West Lampung

Tanjung Setia

The name of Cape Coast in West Lampung Faithful, has been entrenched for tourists. Besides a view naturally, also waves challenging. Do not be surprised if in the month of July to October is always packed with tourists to surf, because the waves reached seven meters.

Waves on the beach of Tanjung Setia dealing with the Indian Ocean, it makes annoyance for travelers of special interest to surf. In addition to high and long waves, the sea is still natural, not polluted the air is very cool and even the natural conditions of peace, away from noise.

The beach is located in a small bay of this, besides being a surf location for foreign tourists from Australia, America and other European countries, also known as a place rich fishing trip saltwater fish from tuna to blue marlin. Also, as a place to camp, especially a cottage which is representative because the building is naturally even one with nature.

Therefore it is not excessive beaches are pekon Earth Court, District Biha, about 22 km from the town dubbed the pearl hidden Krui. Due to the pounding of the waves is not inferior to those in Bali and Nias. In addition, the condition of fine sand beaches, white pearl bath and beach cleanliness is still awake.

Surfing Tanjung SetiaFor highway facilities, has built the road that has been coated coral making it easier for tourists traveling on this beach. Indeed so far of tourists who come to obtain general information from mouth to mouth, also see the website of the surfing world, thus the name Tanjung Setia be an option for them to attend.

Tourists who surf in Cape Faithful always faithful lingered, just to play surfing. On average, tourists stay for a week to two weeks. Data in 2005, only 200 foreign tourists who visit Cape Faithful. But in 2008 has jumped to 2,000 people.

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