Temple BOKO “Hidden Beauty”


Temple BOKO “Hidden Beauty”

If you’re an excursion to Prambanan temple, it would not hurt you stopped by Boko temple. Boko temple in the region of cultural tourism, which is 3 km from the south of the temple complex of Prambanan. Boko temple site was included in prambanan district, Yogyakarta Sleman district. You can there by any means of transport, if you drive a motor vehicle from the center of Yogyakarta city will spend approximately 30 minutes. Boko temple site is very beautiful, because the site is located on a hill. And we can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, the site is located above boko queen of the hill at an altitude of 195.97 meters, with an area of approximately 250,000 square meters, on top of this hill you can see the beautiful scenery. Because we can see clearly Mount Merapi which is always located smoke back and Prambanan Temple Sewu, not only was directed towards the south you can see the panoramic beauty of the hills with a full color temple.

Equally interesting is the atmosphere of the afternoon early evening, or what we would call a sunset. The sun was sinking, in this boko temple, is very interesting, because we can see clearly at sunset. Temple restoration boko been done since the year 1938 since the Dutch colonial era, efforts were then followed the Government of Indonesia since 1952. and until now boko temple site is one of the amazing tourist attraction, because it is managed professionally by local governments. Besides you can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty and unique, there are also built many facilities such as information centers, showrooms, viewing post to enjoy the natural beauty and Prambanan, bathroom, office facilities. In addition the facility is built – other facilities such as parking, camping areas, parks and a very important is the main road to go directly to this boko temple. So you can comfortably enjoy the beauty and attractions of this Boko temple.


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